Income ProtectionProtecting income sends a strong message about you as an employer


How long could you afford to support an employee on sick leave?

Protecting their income sends a strong message about you as an employer.  However, in our experience, many employers wouldn’t choose their current IP contract if they were starting again today.

The good news is there are now choices you can make; about the level of disability your plan supports; the value and duration of benefit payments; and even a ‘claims excess’ option that could suit companies with a low claims track record.

If you’re sitting on an older style contract we can show you how to make it fairer and more affordable. If you’re considering IP benefits for the first time we can help you to design a more modern ‘business friendly’ contract.

Did you know?
State support only provides a disability income of around £5,000 per annum (in some cases employees might qualify for temporary additional support, but the core benefit is less than 20% of the average UK salary).