It's never been more important to take care of your employees' health and wellbeing

Turnkey Package

Sorting employee benefits can be time consuming when you’re running a small business – especially if you need to approach several suppliers and disclose a lot of information, just to get a quote.

Our solution combines health, wellbeing and protection in one turn-key benefits package, starting at £9 per employee per month. This is not a taxable benefit and there’s no need for any employee information until after you set your policy up.

Is our life cover right for you?

Our guaranteed cover is designed for small uninsured companies, who are not involved in ‘high risk’ activities like working at heights or offshore, and are only looking to insure UK based employees. You can choose one of four benefit levels, starting at £50k for £9 per employee per month – your employees’ age and health history doesn’t affect the price.

We cover pre-existing health conditions, as long as you and your management team are unaware that any employee has suffered a serious illness or terminal diagnosis in the last 12 months. To qualify, you need to insure all your UK based employees under State Pension Age who receive some or all of their income via PAYE.

This is designed for the majority of small first-time buyers, but if you want something more tailored we’re happy to discuss.

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