Health Cash PlansLow cost, tax efficient, user friendly


If you’re looking for a low cost benefit employees will use, a health cash plan could be the answer.

Your investment would typically be £1.00 per employee, per week.  This is treated as salary for tax purposes, but the money employees can claim back is tax-free, and the economies of scale involved mean claims can far exceed the cost of premiums.

Employers generally buy one unit of cover and invite employees to buy additional units and add partners. Children are free, subject to benefit and age limits.

Here are some of the items employees can claim money back for –

  • Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Osteopathy
  • Specialist consultations (including MRI scans)
  • Dental treatment (including teeth whitening)
  • Sports massage
  • Chiropody


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Did you know?
Some cash plans will even pay back your medical insurance claims excess…