Medical InsuranceWe'll walk you through the choices and help you to make the right ones for your business



We’ll help you to balance care and cost

If you’re insuring a larger workforce you’ll know that your own employees’ consumption of health care drives your premiums. So how can Fulcrum help you manage this?

The future of healthcare in the UK will increasingly involve a mix of state and privately funded treatment. Insurers already have a key role to play in helping patients make the best choices from this mixed provision (the fastest and best care may not always be in a private hospital).

We’ll help you to understand how different insurers approach this, so that you can make more informed choices about balancing care and cost. There are smarter ways to manage PMI costs than simply removing benefits or increasing deductibles.

Did you know?

Healthcare Trusts are sometimes a more efficient way to fund healthcare.



We’ll walk you through the choices

If you think all medical insurance contracts look and behave the same way you’re probably using the wrong adviser.

PMI premiums for groups of less than 100 employees reflect your insurer’s overall claims experience, across hundreds of similar schemes. However, your premium depends on the design choices you make, about hospital coverage, outpatient, psychiatric and dental treatment – and the rules governing how employees join your scheme (medical underwriting).

We’ll walk you through all of these choices and help you to make the right ones for your business. We’ll also guide your scheme set up and continue to be on hand to help with membership, admin and claims advice.



Affordable continuous PMI cover

If you’re leaving your employer’s group scheme and want to maintain unbroken PMI cover we can help you find the best and most affordable solution.

If your employer’s policy covers pre-existing health conditions (and this is important to you) we can arrange a seamless transfer to an individual plan with the same insurer.

However, if you don’t have pre-existing health concerns there may be several insurers who can offer cheaper cover. We’ll arrange your quotes and take the stress out of comparing prices, benefits and joining rules.

Just contact us as soon as you know you’ll be leaving, as there’s a short time window for arranging continuous cover.

Did you know?
In individual policies each family member receives a separate No Claim Discount, so if one member claims, the others’ rates are unaffected.