If it’s expensive or isn’t delivering, re-design it


If an insured benefit is becoming too expensive, or isn’t delivering what you expected, we’ll help you de-construct it to gain a clearer understanding of your design and pricing options.

There’s not a lot to be gained by renewing a scheme that isn’t fully meeting your needs. So, before we ask any insurers to quote, we’ll produce a detailed plain English summary of the strengths and weaknesses of your current contracts – giving you valuable information about

  • Gaps in cover, and where you might be over-exposed
  • Changes in legislation
  • New plan designs
  • More tax-efficient ways to structure things

Our consultative approach always focuses on what will work best for your circumstances and your business. Feedback tells us our customers feel better informed and more confident to make changes as a result of this process.

“Good engineers are thin on the ground and it’s important to us to attract and retain some of the best in the industry. Feedback tells us our employees value the benefits aspect of their package, and we are keen go the extra mile with this. We have found Fulcrum’s service to be second to none, extremely knowledgeable and professional.”
Peter O’Grady – Managing DirectorTF Tull Ltd


Are you an IFA?

Fulcrum helps independent financial advisers who aren’t insured benefits experts to deliver a more complete service.